Our Story

Founded in 2010

Our Roots

Martha’s Gardens was founded in 2010 by the supremely talented Martha Gabler Lunde as a trusted and valued neighborhood flower shop and a highly lauded design studio. In 2022, Martha turned the shop over to a team that shares the same passion for simply sophisticated designs, special events, high-quality products, and gift items. Like her, we love bringing beauty and joy to you, whether it’s for your home, to brighten up someone’s day, or for a grand occasion.

Meet our Team

Martha’s Gardens is now a team of professional designers ready to create the perfect gift or atmosphere for any event.

Tara Sorg

Tara has worked in the world of floral design, weddings, events, and retail for over two decades. She loves working with couples to help bring their vision to life with elegant designs suited to the desired look and feel for the day.

Tara is an avid gardener and has deep knowledge of annuals, perennials, and houseplants. Tara regularly creates custom designs and helps advise on outdoor patio installations for individual and corporate clients, and is the in-house expert and enthusiast when it comes to bringing living plants into home or office environments.

Tara also keeps a keen eye on retail trends in order to offer a rotating selection of unique, high-quality gift items to clients.

Amanda Wenzel

Amanda brings years of creative design experience and attention to detail to our team. She is adept at connecting with clients to understand their individual needs, whether for a baby shower, a celebration of life, or anything in between. The beauty of her artistry is in color theory and style for each event she creates, leaving a lasting impression on all those who attend.

Meg Gilliland

Meg is our creative visionary, bringing her experience in the floral, styling, and catering industries to events of all kinds. She specializes in custom in-home, corporate, and outdoor design work. Meg’s creative superpowers make any event feel truly special.