A note from Martha Gabler Lunde, Owner of Martha's Gardens


Thank you for viewing this site. I am proud to bring to you these photos and information. It offers a glimpse into what I do and what I want to inspire in you. I hope it brings you to my shop with curiosity and joy!


Martha's Gardens developed out of a strong desire to have the space and freedom to create. I am the mother of two sons and support a wonderful family. I am always grateful to help and share in one's life experiences through flowers. 


Along with a professional team of designers, I would love to work with you and create a unique atmosphere for your celebration, adding the magic of our designs and flowers to your special time and event. Thank you for visiting. I'll close this note with my mission statement that, to me, says it all: 


I do what I love, what people enjoy and what I hope will become an enduring thing of beauty and joy!